About Me


I am an artist who has been surviving on imagination and adventure since 1991. What I enjoy should be interpreted through what I create.

I went to Covenant College and received a Bachelors in Art. While I took classes of many disciplines: Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Two Dimensional Design, Film and Digital Photography, Sculpture, Art History and Three Dimensional Design, I didn't know what kind of artist I was.

I didn't know how to focus on one medium, so I didn't. Why should I? I can make my own rules.

Weaving begot Embroidery which begot paper cutting. From one broad stroke to a more defined line (pun intended).

I'm not the best at what I do, I just do my best!

All of the ideas born here in these works are from original sketches. I see the difference between a "craft" and an "art" as being the lack of relying on an established formula for the design. It's from my heart, my head, and as many pictures for inspiration I can get.

Love to you, reader

Photo taken by Silas Hegeman